Customer Testimonial

What customers say about the Credit Union
  • "I'm very happy with your services. You have helped me to send my children to school and improve my home. I'm 100% happy with TCCU."
  • "I could not have imagined that it would be so easy to invest my funds at TCCU and help I received was simply amazing. Thanks TCCU!"
 Golden Harvest

Saving money towards your goals is important, but the process can be challenging. Helping you achieve these goals is what the Golden Harvest Savings Plan is all about. This plan, offered through your trusted financial institution, is designed to help you reap even richer rewards from your savings to give you that lump sum...

 Partner Plan

Why pay the banker when we will pay you. Start at a minimum of J$250.00 weekly with saving patterns from 12-48 weeks.

The partner plan is savings instrument which allows members to save a little each week and draw down the lump sum...

 Youth Savings Program

The youth saving program is designed to encouraged our youths to save for the future as they mold to become the men and women of tomorrow.

The credit union is committed to visit each school on a particular day every month...

 Family Indemnity Plan

The family indemnity plan is an insurance that provides funeral expense coverage. Each plan covers to you and five eligible family members, once you enroll before age 76.

 Fixed Deposit

The purpose of a fixed deposit account is to earn our member a higher rate of interest which will be made payable after an agreed period of time. Start with a minimum of $5,000 and fix it for a minimum period of 30 to 365 days and start gaining the benefits.

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