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About Us

Trelawny Cooperative Credit Union Limited

The Trelawny Co-operative Credit Union was registered , January 11, 1968. The Credit Union started at the Long Pond Sugar Estates as the Trelawny Estates Co-operative Credit Union Limited with only employees of Trelawny Estates being eligible for membership. On April 28, 1975 discussions were held and recommendation made to extend our bond to facilitate registration as a parish Credit Union.

At General Meeting held November 18, 1975 the bond of the Trelawny Estates Co-operative Credit Union was opened to include all residents and employees in the Parish of Trelawny and the Credit Union was named The Trelawny Co-operative credit Union Limited. The Parish bond was registered on the 12th January 1976.

Branches were established at Falmouth and Hampden, with head office at Trelawny Estates in Clark’s Town. At a meeting held the 29th June 1976 plans were made to rent office space in Falmouth. March 29, 1977 Office was opened in Falmouth with Two employees and Mr. Norman Vickers, Manager of the Montego Credit Union who served the Credit Union, One day in each week.

At a meeting held April 27, 1977 notice was given that the Head Office would be removed from Trelawny Estates to Falmouth. Mrs. G. Vickers was appointed the first manager in June 1977. Delegates and staff members attended their first League AGM, May 18-22, 1978.

The Building we now occupy at Water Square in Falmouth was purchased from the Antonios, and we moved into the new building on the 31st August, 1978. The official opening of the new office was done on the 4th November 1978. Staff employed at December 31, 1978—20 persons The Albert town Branch office was opened in July, 1979.

52 Years Experience of Credit Union Services

01. Our Mission

Improving the social and economical condition of all members through efficient, friendly and flexible financial services.

02. Our Vision

To be the financial institute of choice to all members.

03. Our Value

Trelawny Co-operative Credit Union recognizes and values our stakeholders through the following proposition:

  • We promise our Members lower rates on loans, higher returns on deposit and support in meeting their personal financial goals.
  • We promise our Staff a good working environment, a competitive salary and opportunities for upward mobility.